We had everything yet nothing before us


Premiered at Gjøvik Kino and Scene the 2nd of May 2015.

We humans spend most of our time in between goals.

We are on the move in the universe , sets course towards new shores and is in constant development. » We had everything yet nothing before us » explores the spaces between goals, between people and between destinations. Do we ever reach our goals ore destinations ?

For about 100,000 years ago man walked out of Africa and we spread ourselves to every continent except Antarctica. There we held in the past 100 years . The search for a better future drives us constantly on the territorial or mental distances.

In today’s Norway we have access to everything and will have 100 % more of everything . We want more ! Meanwhile people are chased displaced elsewhere in the world. An escape from everything they have to nothing. Whether we have all or nothing before us, we may understand each other’s space .

The show follows a route where six dancers and a musician improvises on the theme of space . What happens between map coordinates is up to them and each performance will be a unique journey that the audience becomes a part of.

Dancers: Konrad Jan Szymański,Adrian U. Skjoldborg, Daniel Stamnes, Annette Brandanger, Erlend Rolfsjord og Catharina Vehere Gresslien.

Choreography : Gull Øzger, Music and composer: Bjarne Kvinnsland, Light: Zenisk AS, Costumes: Marcus Olson, Dramaturge: Katinka Rydin Berge, Photo/poster: Yaniv Cohen, Flyer and program: Miriam Øzger, PR: Janka Stensvold Hendriksen, Teaser: Martin Edelsteen, Lystekniker: Kristian Gylder/AVAB, Prosjekt ansvarlig :Gull Øzger, Produksjonsleder :Helle L. Moum.


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