Hope you got your things together

DSCF2173 - En Kveld, Forestilling, Scenehuset





«Hope you got your thing together» premiered 6th of November 2013 at Scenehuset in Oslo at En Kveld. Toured to Vinterlysfeestivalen, Mo i rana february 2015.

”Hope you got your things together” is a solo performance about a man who is preparing himself for the unexpected. He’s a man of nature, a man who takes responsibility for himself and his family. During the performance he describes how he sees today’s world, and what he believes is necessary for to help move this world forward.

Dancer :Matthew Smith (Dunedin, New Zealand) He has performed for many years in Norway with the Impure Company – Hooman Sharifi. In addition to this he has also taught dance with the rudiments of Axis Sylabus. Matthew performs and teaches around the world; and in Norway has worked with Carte Blanche, Proda in Oslo, Tromsø and Haugesund, at The Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo and Spin Off.

Choreographer: Gull Øzger. Dramaturgi: Katinka Rydin Berge. Assistent Producer: Rachael Elizabeth Brand. Foto: Eirik Folkedal

The performance is approximately 40 minutes and is in English.